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Black tinted polar fox Russian transformer fur hat with black leather

Black tinted polar fox Russian transformer fur hat with black leatherBlack polar fox fur lightly colorized with yellow tint on top looks very original and extraordinary on black leather!

Price: $229.00
Shipping: $10.00
Coffee grey Orenburg shawl

Coffee grey Orenburg shawlThe best-seller color, nice looking with different style dress. As usual, the shawl is warm, 100% natural wool handknitted by Orenburg masters.

Price: $29.00
Shipping: $4.00
Moscow Woman's festive costume

Moscow Woman's festive costumeSarafan based costume with long arms shirt. Having them unrolled women used the costume as festive one, not for work or everyday use.

Price: $649.00
Shipping: $25.00
Men's shirt "kosovorotka" - red

Men's shirt "kosovorotka" - redTraditional Russian shirt for men according to 18-19-s centuries fashion! Now it can be used for carnivals or concerts. Very nice for Russian dancers or balalaika players! Red is "classic" color for such shirts.

Price: $73.00
Shipping: $12.00

Russian fur hats

Russian traditional transformer ear flap hats widely spreaded and very popular on huge and cold territory from Siberia to Baltic sea.

Christmas decorations

Beautifill wooden carved Russian Santa GRANDFATHER FROST will come to your Christmas tree from north and bring his best friends - Snow-maiden, Moose, Deer, Bears and Penquins! The best Russian matreshka doll artists handmade those gifts for you and the famous painters placed real fairy tale topics on them!

Laser graphics

Unique blocks of polished crystal with beautiful 3D images inside - the result of artwork and laser technology. Mostly used as paperweights these crystals are really beautiful under the sun light!

Orenburg shawls

Beautiful 50x50" warm Russian goat wool shawls handmade by the acknowledged masters from Orenburg where knitting tradition have been growing up since ages. Great choice of different colors.

Russian costumes

Traditional costumes created according to 18th-19th centuries fashion of different regions of Russia - any size from children to adult, men and women, and a great choise of colors.

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