It's offered to your attention the new Russian book named "VYATKA, BAIKONUR, SPACE" written by Victor Savinykh, Soviet cosmonaut, Hero of the Soviet Union, Dr. Sc., professor as the excepts from diaries he kept during flights at space stations Salyut-6 and Salyut-7, records of his talks with the Space Misison Control Center during most crucial periods of the "dead" Salyut-7 space station revival, as well as information about the expedition onboard the MIR orbital complex. Description of some events from the author's childhood and youth will allow one to comprehend stages of V.Savinykh's spiritual growing up, his way to the space future.

Readers will get acquainted with reminiscences of designer-general V.Glushko, head of governmental commission K.Kerimov, academician B.Chertok, flight dispatcher V.Rumin, cosmonaut's wife L.Savinykh. Letters from colleagues and friends delivered to the station are also presented.

The book is intended for a broad circle of readers taking interest in astronautics.

The book was published by "MENATRON" in 2002 in Moscow. It's in Russian, printed on 238 pages, hardcovered and well illustrated with the photos from private archives of the author.

Format - about 7x9 inches.

Condition - BRAND NEW.

Seller has a number of interesting photos of Russian cosmonauts, flown covers and hardware. Seller accepts the requests to find something related to Russian space explorations.

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Starting from Tsiolkovsky sketches, through the First Sputnik, Laika and Gagarin flights, as well as early Soviet manned Vostok and Voshod program and Moon program headed by Korolev, first EVA by Leonov, space disasters and success, Salyut, MIR space stations, until ISS and nowadays.

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